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Buy or Refinance A Residential Or Commercial Property in The USA

Our foreign national residential loan programs feature low documentation with quick, easy approval

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Get approved online within minutes

We Are Foreign National Loan Experts And Offer Mortgage Programs Specially Designed

For Foreign Nationals That Streamlines And Expedites The Lending Process.

Types of Programs

We have business and private home loans, for both buy or renegotiate

Types of Properties

Apartment suites • Single-family • Multi-family • Townhouses • Condo-inns • Offices/Warehouses • Luxury apartment suites

Types of Payments

Clients can pick between two unique installments: Principal in addition to intrigue – Interest as it were

Payment Features

NO pre-installment punishments Clients can drop the whole advance or make extra installments with next to no punishments

Property Title

Clients can decide to close the credit under an organization. Restricted Liability Company or Personal Name


Our experts can help you create a solution tailored to you and your company. Please leave us your details and we will contact you.

Documents Required for Loan Approval

Documents Required for Pre-Approval:

  • Completed Foreign National Loan Application
  • Copy of Identification, Passport, and/or Driver’s License
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (if applicable)
  • Proof of Address
    • Any cable, electric, or water bill under your name that shows the current address where you are living
  • If Self-employed or Owner of the Company:
    • Last Two (2) Years of Personal Tax Returns
    • Year to date personal financial statement prepared by your accountant
    • Last (2) Years of Business Tax Returns
    • Year to date business financial statement prepared by your accountant (Profit & Loss)
  • If Employed:
    • Last Two (w) Years of Personal Tax Returns
    • Last Two (2) Pay Stubs
    • Name, Telephone, Email of person who will give information from your current job. This individual must complete a verification of employment.
    • Copy of Last Three (3) Months of Bank Statements for all accounts both inside your country and outside (if applicable) wherever assets can be sourced.
  • Forms can be downloaded here.

Documents Required for Final Approval

  • Copy of Fully Executed Sales Contract
  • Copy of Checks and/or Transfers
    • Given to Seller as payment for the property

Residential and Commercial Mortgages for Foreigners

Types of programs

  • Fixed loans for 30, 20, and 15 years
  • Adjustable mortgages in rate for 1, 3, 5, and 7 years type of property

Types of Payments

Customers can choose between two different payments:

  • Principal plus interest
  • Interest-only

Payment Features

  • NO penalties for prepayment
  • Customers can pay the entire loan or make additional payments without any penalty


  • Clients can choose to close the loan under the figure of Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company or Personal Title


  • Foreign national loans can be confusing but that why our team of bilingual experts are here to help you, call us at 1-866-257-2973
  • You can also check all our real estate programs here.

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