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Loans for Investment Properties

Our team specializes in providing private funding for real estate investment projects nationwide.
  • These Loans Have Terms up to 30 Years
  • With Fast Closing Times
  • With Zero Upfront Charges


Get approved online within minutes

Purcell Capital is one of the top providers of Private Loans for Investment Properties in the United States. Located in Idaho Purcell Capital offers quick approvals, fast funding, very competitive rates, and excellent customer service.

For land financial backers that need to get into property market, our rental and speculation property credits enable you to buy, renegotiate, or cash-out. Investigate your choices beneath, then, at that point, you can get in touch with us and we will assist you with finding the investment property advance program that ideal for your requirements.

What Purcell Capital has to offer:

Investment Property Loans Nationwide

Fix and flip advances and investment property credits for land financial backers needing hard cash funding. Situated in Idaho and serving from one side of the country to the other, Purcell Capital is your believed investment property loan specialist with a tremendous hard cash loaning experience. Purcell Capital has the group and assets to get your advance supported quick.

Application Approval Timeline: Same day approval available

Time to Fund2 – 4 weeks

Property Types: Single family, multi-family, condos, commercial, industrial

Loan Amount: $150,000 – $50 Million

Loan Terms: 1 Year to 30 Years

Lien Position: 1st

Loan to Value (LTV): Up to 80% of current value of property

Investment Loan Interest Rates and Points: Starting at 6%

  • Buy and Hold
  • Fix and Flip
  • Single Family Rentals
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Multifamily Bridge
  • Land and Construction
  • New Construction
  • Portfolio Rental Loans
  • Rehab to Rent
  • Rental

Investment Property Loan Rates

Venture properties can make you a significant measure of cash. In the event that you purchase an investment property at the right cost, and you get the best supporting for it, you could begin seeing positive income extremely quick.

Confidential home loan rates will generally be higher than standard mortgage rates by 0.5% to 0.75% (Source). The investment property contract rates might change in light of the particulars of the advance situation, for example, length of credit, advance to esteem (LTV), condition and area of property and generally speaking apparent gamble of the speculation. Numerous ordinary banks exclusively center around proprietor involved home loans and don’t give supporting to venture property.

Getting a low home loan rate on an investment property is a piece harder while contrasting with a main living place since banks charge something else for “non-proprietor involved” properties.

With Purcell Capital, our rates for investment property advances start as low as 7%. All things considered, your last financing cost for a speculation property advance will rely upon the sort of property you need to secure, your reliability, and the amount you put down.

Hard money lenders such as Purcell Capital, are generally a better source of loans for investment properties as we primarily work with real estate investors and we better understand their needs. We are amongst the most experienced and reliable hard money lenders that will also be able to approve the borrower and fund the loan much faster than a conventional lender such as a bank or credit union.

To get started talk to one of our loan advisors, we will be glad to help you find the best terms and rates for you. Call (813) 820-1518

How To Get A Loan For An Investment Property?

This Is What You Need To Qualify?

The main thing you would have to get a credit for venture properties is to have something like 20% to 40% down in the event that you need to buy, or significant value in the property on the off chance that you’re searching for a money out renegotiate.

The higher the initial investment or property value you have, the more probable you will be supported.

We will likewise check out at the borrower’s involvement with land. Assuming this is whenever that the borrower first will fund a venture land arrangement, the person in question could confront more examination than a borrower with long stretches of involvement with these kinds of arrangements.

Just answer these questions and we will give you a quick estimate:

  • Type of rental property (condo, townhouse, single family, etc.)
  • Property location (Exact Address)
  • Current market value
  • Mortgage balance (if applicable)
  • Loan amount sought
  • Proposed use of funds

Borrower parameters:

  • Borrowers can be corporations or LLCs
  • Existing income reflected in bank statements
  • Cash reserves reflected in bank statements
  • Credit score of 550 or higher (exceptions apply)
  • Ability to perform exit strategy may be needed
  • A portfolio, for experienced investors (optional)

Buying a Rental Property

Purchasing an investment property is one of the most well known types of land venture. Financial backers hope to buy a venture property with investment property credits that can be leased for more than the month to month liabilities (head, premium, charges, protection) and accomplish positive income.

The land financial backer will likewise expect to profit from appreciation while they hold the property and exploit tax reductions to boost their benefits from purchasing an investment property.

Credits for investment properties for the most part require an initial installment of no less than 25% from the land financial backer. 100 percent funding isn’t accessible. On the off chance that the land financial backer has value in another property yet needs more money for an initial installment, the land financial backer might have the option to take out a money out renegotiate credit to raise assets for the new buy. The hard cash moneylender will likewise need to see that the financial backer has cash holds accessible to manage expected inhabitant opportunities, fixes and some other unexpected issues.

Refinancing Investment & Rental Property Loans

Purcell Capital also allows real estate investors to refinance investment property and rental property should they wish to pull equity out of their property, refinance at a lower rate or pay off a balloon payment that will soon be due.

Investment Property Rehab Loans

Investment property rehab loans are available for real estate investors who wish to purchase a property, quickly make any needed repairs and improvements and then sell the property immediately.
Fix and hold loans are also available to investors who wish to purchase a property in need of rehab, make improvements and then hold the property as a rental.
Contact Purcell Capital today and get your investment property loan funded in record time.

Q.How do I finance an investment property?

A. For a purchase, the first thing you need is have at least 20% down. For a cashout refi, the property must be worth at least $150,000, with a current LTV of less than 70%. 

Q. Can you finance my first investment property?

A. Yes, if you are a new investor we have the right program to get you started in the world of Real Estate.  Simply call us for more information we are here to help!

Q. How much do you have to put down on an investment property?

A. 20 to 40 percent down.

Q. Can I put less than 20% down on an investment property?

A. The minimum down payment we require is 20%, keep in mind a higher amount may be required depending on the type and condition of the property.  Once you submit your initial documentation our underwriters will have an answer in 24 to 48 hours.

Q. Can an LLC get a loan?

A. Yes, LLC or Corps can get an investment property loan with PurcellCapital.

Q. Are mortgage rates higher for rental properties?

A. Rates on investment property loans are usually a bit higher than those for primary residential properties. You can expect the rates on investment property loans to be 0.55% to 0.77% higher than traditional mortgages.

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